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hidden words of love




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men who hurt their babies should be shot!
hidden words of love
So I'm driving home yesterday after finishing the last of my christmas shopping...and I get a call. (We'll call her "sara") Anyways, she says that she needs my help right now.

Now let me back track for a sec, her husband works with Steven and I met her at a squadron picnic in Sept. Her husband kept saying that she was really shy and that she had NO friends...so I have been tryin to be-friend her since. She delivered her baby, "Conner" the last week of October and has called me atleast 2 a week since to have me watch her baby. I BARELY KNOW HER! But the baby is so adorable and I'll never turn down the chance to watch a newborn. Anywho, this last Saturday she called and asked if I could watch the baby so that she and her husband could go to a christmas party. While I was watching him, I noticed that the baby had so bruises on his theighs and calves. I had the inner-feeling that there was something to the marks but everyone I talked to (Steven and my parents while we were IMing said that it wasn't that big of a deal and not to worry) Well, then the parents came to pick him up, I mentioned the bruises and they both just kind of stared and me....at that point I felt stupid for mentioning it.

Now back to yesterday. "Sara" called and told me that she needed my help. I asked her what was going on and she tells me that her husband has been arrested. She said that "Conner" had a broken clavical(SP?) and that he had done it. Apparently the husband and the wife were having an arguement and that made the baby cry. The crying made the husband even madder and grabbed the baby pretty harshly. "Sara" said that he threw the baby on the bed and slammed against the wall. (At this point I had to pull the car over to the side. I was about to cry and the road was all blurry) After the hurting stopped they all went to bed like nothing had happened.

The next morning "sara" noticed a bump on the back of his shoulder and a brusice on top of that. Shr took him to the ER where they did some x-rays and said that nothing was wrong. On the follow-up visit the next day to peds they did a ton more x-rays and found a fractured bone. Metro and CPS was called and the questioned the partents...they gave some bogus story about the dad slipping and falling...and when he fell his hand landed on the baby's shoulder. The doc seemed to believe the story for awhile but it didn't quiteso they questioned them again (seperately) She backed up his story (she says she lied because she was afraid) and he I guess told them what actually happened. They re-re-questioned her and she finally told them what happened. Now he's in jail and she is going to court today to find out whats going to happen to her (if any)

While I was with her at the hospital, I asked her if she was going to go back to him....she said that she didn't know.
Am I the only one that would leave his sorry ass if I was in this position? I realize that she must have loved him at one point, and that it will break her heart when she leaves but we're talking about a baby of christ's sake.

GOD>>>>this baby is so small. He is only 7 pounds and the lengh of my arm. What kind of a man takes his anger out on a defenseless baby. THE FUCKING COWARD!

I don't agree with her lying and covering his story but I hope that the judge lets her stay with the baby. The baby needs all the love and support he can get. However, if she goes back to him....I don't think that she is the best person to watch out for him anymore.

Wow it feels good to get this all out and not keep it in my head any more. I was getting sick just thinking about it....now atleast I only feel disgusted and pissed and the jackass who did this.

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What a piece of shit! I was pissed when Chris told me about it. I'm even more pissed after reading your post. Keep us updated on what happens.

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