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hidden words of love




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extended families suck (part 1)
hidden words of love
So I've been bawling for the last 30 minutes...why? well I cant explain right now...we have to go over to steven's aunt's house. PUKE! I'll explain later. -Cat

oh yeah....happy frigin holidays


So today Steven's grandma called and wanted us to come over for Dinner at his Aunts house....and that would be fine except the dinner was at 3...we ate lunch at 1....and when they called...it was 2. So we had no warning...no notice...no NOTHING. We told them that we were sorry, but we were getting ready for tomorrow at our place, and that we just couldn't come over. (We felt bad, but they didn't feel the need to let us kow ahead of time and we DO have lives of our own!) Anywho, not 5 minutes later, Steven's aunt called. (I called her a bully most of the time, but its the holidays so I'll be nice) She called and told us that we had better show up for atleast a few minutes because grandma had drove down for dinner. WELL EXCUSE ME...THAT MIGHT HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IS THEY HAD CALLED US NOT THE DAY OF!

So steven gets off the phone and informs me of what she had ORDERED us to do. I'll mention now that I do NOT like his family....they are rude and insensative...but expect us to give them all the courtesies in the world. BULLSHIT ! So after stressing out about what we should do...I call my mom for some outsiders advice. And being the brillent woman that she is....she offers a compromise. We don't go over today since we have a shitload of stuff to get done, but go over there sometime tomorrow...and drive up to amagosa valley (a 100 mile dirve one way BTW) to go visit Grandma. It sounded like a good compromise and I ask Steven what he thinks...He say it sounds good.

Now this is where I cry....I call his aunt and apologize to the extreme that we can't come over today, but that we can come over tomorrow afternoon, and that we'll drive up to grandma's house and make the day of it. Well that bitch has the nerve to put me on a guilt trip. She says that we are SO insensitive, and that we don't care about Steven's grandma. She tells me how she's been in the hospital for the last week or so with heart problems and that it would mean the world to her if we were there. (LET ME JUST SAY...WE WERE NOT TOLD ONE GOD DAMN WORD OF THIS SO CALLED HOSPITAL STAY...NOT ONE WORD! IF ITS SO IMPORTANT THAT WE BE INVOLVED IN THE DINNER CRAP...THEY WHY NOT INVOLVE US IN THE FAMILY WORRY STUFF TOO? IE: GRANDMA BEING IN THE HOSPITAL!?!?)

At this point I'm feeling like as ASS but figuring that i could talk to grandma and make it all ok. Well she's in RARE form and says that I'm hurting her on purpose....and that she's now pissed. Great LOOK AT ME...I've now pissed a woman off that has a heart condition! So I say that we'll be there in 20 minutes and we hang up, but not before she says..."great, see you when you get here" THE NERVE!!!!!

So yeah....Christmas eve has sucked, but we are now home and things are getting much better. Caleb is in bed, for the night I hope. All the presents are out....Santa stopped by early...he had lots of things to do tonight ya know. And now Steven is loading a movie for us to watch. I hope that things go perfect tomorrow. My parents are going to be getting online and we are going to be web casting our christmas present opening. It's the closest thing to having my family here for the holidays.

MOVIE TIME - bye for now - Cat

PS Chris and Kent - I hope that you guys have a great christmas
Corinne - Love ya, I'm so gald that we are talking again

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DUDE! I cannot believe the nerve of that woman! Seriously, at Caleb's birthday party it was all I could do to be civil to the bitch.

I hope you guys have a great Christmas too! And I'm still planning on watching Caleb for you guys on the 28th, so just let me know what you are planning OK? Sorry I'm still sick and not in the best of the holiday spirit...I'm having a really hard time even staying up right now waiting for the boys to go to bed. Hopefully, I'll feel better soon...LOTS better lol.

Ack! I know how inlaws are my husbands family is the same way, they expect me to come all the way to Nevada (1800 miles) to have Tyler see them for 3 dayas I told them I dont have the money for it and they got PISSIE with me!

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