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hidden words of love




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Rambling...you are warned.
hidden words of love

So I mostly need to put this all down for my personal sanity.  I realize that anyone else that might read this will be confused by my train of thought (believe me...its taken 22 years and I'm still confused by it : ) )

So with it being the holidays and the fact that new years is just around the corner....I have finally decided that I no longer am going to be overweight...and I no longer going to use excuses as to why I'm this way.  Truth be told....I eat to much and don't move enough.  I've been slowly fixing the eating to much problem, but that moving more part GEZZZ I'll never start if I just don't jump head first....so starting tomorrow...me and the gym are going to become friends again.  Caleb is scheduled to go to daycare 3 times a week (atleast to start out with)  He might go 5 times a week later in the year, but for now, we just can't afford it KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

I am a person who likes numbers (I mean I don't like the number my weight is, but for the most part I like number)  Numbers don't lie....they are what they are.  With that being said...I have gathers info from various places and devised a somewhat of a formula to lose this ass of mine.

Here are the facts:

1 - 3500 calories is equivalent to 1 pound

2 - I need to eat 2500 Calories to maintain my CW

3 - To lose weight I need to eat anywhere between 1800 and 2000 calories

4 - If I eat 1800 a day, thats a deficit of 700 cal/day and 4900 cal/week (I like these numbers)

5 - negative 4900 calories a week is aprox eqivalent to 1.4 lbs a week 

6 - That means that if I stick too this for the next year I will lose aprox 72 lbs give or take a few days that I fall behind

There are other factors that will contribute to all this -amount of exercise, the few crazy nights when I go out with fkgirl , and other things I have yet to think of

Now I realize that numbers are perfect, but humans are not!  I also now that what looks good on paper doesn't translate to real life perfectly.  I get that, however....for the first time I HAVE A PLAN!  I know what I'm going to do and I'm excited...really excited about the whole thing.

I'm going to try and cook all my meals and if I find a great recipe I'll post it ( i know everyone is excited about this now HUH?!?!) HAHA

I will be also posting pics occasionally....hopefully each one will show my being smaller !!  LOL



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YAY Bring on the New You in the New Year! I have lost 15 pounds in 4 months... mainly from stress but it feels so good! I am now just "moderatly overweight", makes me feel good. You should check out the website www.fitday.com, it takes very accurate caloric intakes and it also has a place to input your daily activites so you can see what you've burned. I love it there is a place to add a new food and everything, as long as you have the nutritional facts on the back. I found the website from my sister who is a health junkie!
WEll talk to ya later, off to ponder a husbandless new year...

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