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hidden words of love




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frickin A
Damn....Steven just called from the doctor's office....they are having him stay a little bit longer so they can do xrays of his pelvis and his spine. They are saying that it looks like they are going to have to do some sort of back surgery. DAMN IT! I thought that this whole thing was winding down.

Steven goes in on the 18th for an MRI and on the 19th he goes in to have the cyst disrupted. From the way his first doc was talking....the cyst was the root of all the problems and once it was gone...he would be on the road to recovery. Guess now its just a waiting game.

Oh and the 6 month anniversary of the wreck was on the 3 of January. That means that we only have another 6 months to go...before the military decides if he can still serve his country. I am so scared of what the future holds for us. I have no high education to my name...and neither does Steven. And if they kick him out...that means disability...which means a future at walmart being a greeter! I KNOW I KNOW...dramatic moment...sorry I can't help it.

I'm having one of those days where I feel isolated and my thoughts aren't the brightest considering whats going on.

Well with all that being said...I'm off to clean the kitchen before dinner. -Cat

UPDATE - Steven just got out of the appointment and is on his way home. He says that doc doesn't have very high expectations for the procedure on Thursday. According the xrays, the disc looks to far damaged and the only thing that help is a fusion of the discs. (If thats the case...it looks like we are out of the military. Steven's dad had his disc fused...and its not a good thing. He had his done almost 6 months ago and is still in pain...and can barely walk. Steven is so young...I just hope that god has a plan for all of this.

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try not to worry-- (like that's even a possibility)
If the military doesn't work out, there will be other options-- I swear there are other things-- I know sometimes life feels like it never goes our way-- but it can't always be bad.

argh-- that doesn't sound good :/ LIke you said though, God does have a plan for you-- and people recover differently-- Steven's dad is a lot older than him (obviously- hehe)

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