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piss and moan

Ok so I didn't work out this morning, Caleb was being a huge pain, anywho a friend called and wanted to go after she got off work (on my guest pass I might add) She said that she would be here by 5-530.

That was all fine, however its now 6 and she just left her house (she lives across town) and she has called twice.  The first time, was to see if another friend could come too (she a member to the club so atleast I don't have to waste my other pass on a stranger) and the second call was to see if I knew if the club could give her hubby a day pass so he could be there too.  OK enough is FREAKIN enough.  I'm starting to feel used and under appreciated (SP?) 

I mean I totaly don't mind letting her use one of my guess passes, and I'm sort of ok with her friend joining us (who knows maybe I could make another friend here in Vegas) but her husband?  Cut the freakin chain and spend some time without him.  He's an ok guy, and I get along with him, but he kind of pissed me off when I needed some help after Steven's accident.  He didn't want to leave the house to give me and my sone a ride home from the hospital.  I guess soap operas are more important (in some alternate universe maybe)  GRRRRRRRRRRR  I just pissed because now I have to choose between going to the gym and being here to put my son to bed (a ritual that I have never missed a night in his life)  (&^&$%($$^&(&^$ This sucks. -Cat

Ps - 3 entries in one day WOOHOO
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