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hidden words of love




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Westboro Baptist Church - asswipes!
hidden words of love
I will say this...I do not know the whole thinking process behind Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)  nor do I care.

They hate fags and says that god does too.  That maybe be but no one will ever really know until they pass away and meet him face to face (so to speak)  At that time, he'll be the one to judge the person in question.  But to think that these wackos involved with WBC can speak for god WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY?  They have no right to judge anyone but them selves.

OK with that being said....my problem and concern is the boycotting of funerals of military service members.  They GET to protest because brave people are willing to die to them and this country.  They GET to be inconsiderate ASSHOLES and break the moring families hearts just alittle bit more.   

Their whole thing is "well the military works for the government/USA and the USA supports the gay life style"  If this is the case, then boycott the government in DC or at the local gov office, but for the love of god!  Leave the military and their families alone!  

It's really too bad that we, as military members, can't choose which citizens to protect.  I don't want anyone to get hurt, by no means, but if you can't support the military, then why shuld they rick their lives for the asswipes out there.

They say they represent god....screw that....They will NEVER represent the god i believe in.  

Ok I'm done pissing and moaning -Cat   These are some pics taken at their boycotts at soldier funerals

I'm angry...so read if you want..there are also pics.  I''ll admitt that the pics made me cry and I wonder why my friend's and my own husband is risking his life for this!

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Is this post friends only?
If not, would you mind if I showed someone?
He would be pretty appalled at the signs-- especially the ones that read "thank god for 9/11" and "Thank God for dead soldiers"
ugh, disgusting.

no its open to anyone...feel free

That's awful in so many fucking ways.

It's one thing to be all 'God hates Fags'... and BELIEVE me I don't agree with that statement. Reverend Phelps and his kind (like in these photos) are more likely to burn in hell than the likes of Matthew Shepherd in my mind.

But to drag soldiers and those affected by 9/11 into it as well. I mean really, do they have no empathy for the soldiers out there fighting? Or their families?

People like that just make me sick.

God doesn't hate fags or soldiers... and God isn't thankful for 9/11. It is those assholes.

And those soldiers they are bashing are the very reason they can even stand out there with those signs...


Btw... this is Becky... you know... Drummond... Wal-hell er, mart. *waves*

Good. Playing around online whilst the daughter naps and all. *grins* You?

pretty good...my husband has surgery on Saturday so we're just laying low until then

Aw man, that means no partying for you two tomorrow, eh?

Good luck with the surgery!

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