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(no subject)
I"m sick
So for the last 2 weeks, I've been having some harsh pains in my lungs. Its not too bad when I'm breathing normally but anything else and it hurts like a bitch. I was tellin this to my mom, and she goes all maternal :P on me (I love her for that) and orders that I go in to see a doctor. I have to admit that I was a little nervous, cuz the last time I had a lung problem I had an extreme case of pnomonia (SP?)

So anywho, I called the appointment line and describing the pain. Now I know now that I should have just said that it was a pain in my lungs and left it at that, but OH NO I could do that. I started to give details, and said chest pain (STUPID STUPID) As soon as I said that she cut me off and said that I couldn't make an appointment. That I had to go to the ER. WONDERFUL...JUST FUCKING WONDERFUL. So I make sure that Steven and Caleb are set for the next 5 hours and I set off for base.

After an a look over by the doctor, chest x-rays, and some lab test...they say..........WE DON'T KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH YOU. great. THe doc was really nice though and said that he's gonna keep an eye on me. I got some prescriptions and I went home.

That was my day...how was yours?

2 hours from when I started this entry....Ok so I realized that I didn't tell ya'll about the best part...THE DRUGS! Lets see...cough syrup with codine, a steroid, and vicodin (SP?) YES I feel good now

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IM sorry you are not feeling well. How are you doing now? I really wish you well, and get better soon!

thanks...I'm feeling a little but better. I'm in a haze from the pills but I'll survive. How was ty's birthday?

Im glad that you are feeling better!! It must be hard keeping up with your son!! hehehe~ Ty's bday was great! We had a second Xmas from the look of of all of it! It was great I am going to have to post some pics, I made his cake and it was awesome!!

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