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what the hell!! I DO NOT CARE if she had moments of insanity or not...she cut her baby's arms off and let her die I repeat...SHE CUT HER BABY'S ARMS OFF AND LET HER DIE. And for that 30 days. Just 30 lil days for in in a mental hospotal. Granted she has to be evaluated on her mental health before she can be let out. But for christ's sake...sickness or not...she committed murder.

Has this country become so wishy washy that they can excuse murder of a graphic nature like this, just because she was out of her mind? No one is being held accountable for this little girl's horrible death.

I know that some many not agree with me on this but she should get life in prison....maybe with a big screen tv in her cell with a permanent loop of her daughter's funeral. There is no excuse for her or what she did.

I feel so sorry for the rest of the family. To the two little girls and the husband....gob bless you.
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