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so is getting back to normal. Steven goes back to work tomorrow and Caleb and I can get back into a schedule of going the gym, cleaning the house, and I think we'll add going to the pool now. Caleb seems to be really liking the pool...even if its like swiming in melted snow water right now. HE LOVES IT. We went two days ago and I got burnt to a crisp. Its going to be such a hot summer. I mean its only the first week of May and its already in the 90s. Speaking of Caleb, he's officially allergic to strawberries. He has a bad case of hives from neck to foot. I got him some benedryll(SP) and it seems to be working, but its too early to tell.

Well I gotta go...Caleb and I are watching Cats & Dogs...I forgot how cute this movie is. I'm off - Cat
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