CatThomas (sinsitykitty) wrote,

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OMFG! Caleb is driving me nuts. He won't shut up...I swear he has made a constant noise of some sort for the last 8 hours. I love him dearly but I'm considering a mute button being built for him *sits and wishes REALLY hard for some silent time*

In other news, I've been going to the gym twice a day for the last week or so....its been a total of about 5 hours everyday. I'm seeing results but I'm going to cut back for body can't take such a hard change so damn fast. Maybe I can build up to going that long but not for right now. Well I guess that all thats been going huh?!?!

Crap Caleb just spit water all over the floor...I'm off to clean and NOT yell at him. Pray for me I'm at my witts end! :P
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