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bob took my cookie
So Steven started working swing shifts last night.  That in itself is no biggie, but we fallen asleep together every night for the last 2 year (and by military standards...I'm sure thats some lind of record)  Anywho, with him being gone at night I CAN'T fall asleep.  I've tried everything...a warm bubble bath, reading a book before I go to bed, the tension/relaxation method, sleeping pills.  NOTHING!!  I'm still wide awake.

I know that part of it is my imagination.  When our loud ass neighbors walk around up stairs the ceiling creeks....in my mind its someone tryin to bust into the apartment (Yes the creeking is that loud...I have really big neighbors)  While Steven was in RofSK I freaked out so bad that I didn't sleep for 3 days and only fell asleep after I put a knife in my room for protection.  I KNOW, I KNOW....I'm weird, but I grew up in a really small town where no one locks anything at night.  And now, I live in VEGAS where everything is locked up, barred up or guarded my something.  SO yeah thats why I'm awake.

In unrelated news, at the end of the month my best friend from high school is coming out for a week.  It should be a really good time.  Steven is taking a night of leave so we can all go out for a drink.  I'm guessing that will turn in to Gina and I going out while he takes the night off to play WOW, but you never know.  I'll make sure to post some pics of her visit after things have calmed down.

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swing shift? Bleh-- I Couldn't do it! lol

When I'm away my husband has the HARDEST time falling asleep too. I tend to find him asleep on the couch w/ the tv on-- A couple weeks ago I was out of town for a week and he didn't sleep in our bedroom once.

For me, it's like "Why wouldn't you want the ENTIRE bed to yourself?"-- not that I don't miss him-- but meh- I can sleep just fine.

No kidding I actually ENJOY having the whole bed to myself, but I do still wish he was home of course.

If I have a hard time falling asleep I just turn on the tv. Recently I got a sound machine that makes ocean wave sounds. Now I sleep like a baby!

and hello :)

My husband works nights and has for a while now, like over 9 months I think.
It was so hard but I am pretty used to it now..
I still get spooked and am sure someone is breaking in almost every night. lol!

I'm glad I'm not the only one :P

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