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hidden words of love




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RANT! (warning cusing" is just a click away!)
hidden words of love

So if one more stupid jackass (who is dressed up like a frickin preppy thug wanna be) steps in front of my car while I"m driving (I'm not talking at a cross walk...I mean in the middle of a frickin road where I have the right away) I'm going to use my car as a battering ram and hit the SOB, and I'm not going to stop the car until the screaming has subsided! And for the record I'm not a "#$!%&ing BITCH" contrary to popular bitch.  I can handle alot of shit from people sometimes, there is a part of me that would like to hop out...grad them by the hair and curb their ass! Oh and I pitty the next "I'm sooooo pretty and your not" "I ate a cheeto today and I'm so stuffed" girl who gives me a dirty look because I ask nicely to get by them at the club.  I swear if I didn't hold on all me anger and let it our here...there would be any a hair extension lost.  I know that everyone is out here (las vegas) to have a good time, but good god! 

As you can tell I'm a lil pissy right now.  I went down to coyote ugly tonight just to unwind from taking care of a crazy 2 year old all week, and all hell broke loose.  Right after I got there...someone spilled their beer on the floor and I slipped in it.  I pulled the top muscle in my leg (it hurts liek a mother !$#%!$# right now.)  So I recover from that...and go to the bar to get a bottle of water.  Some pro-ana ho was leaning on the bar legs spread(  I guess to catch her next man?!?!)  I asked her if she was ordering, and it was like I told her she was a skank.  She gave me a dirty look, and walked away calling me a fat bitch.  ( I had my revenge later on though...she got kicked out of the bar mwahaaaa!)  So I'm drinkin my water, nursing my leg, and realize that its midnight.  I start to head home and some fuktard steps out in front of my car while I"m going like 20 mph (and here's the classy part)  He steps back, calls me a @#$!@#$ bitch, and hawks a lugi (sp?) on my car.  NICE HUH?  So anyways, I'm on the 15 headed home and I call me BF, Gina, to talk and calm myself  down.  Well that didn't work, cuz she is having her own lil drama situation with her ex, Kenny.  Not 5 minutes into the call, Kenny wants to have the phone.  I told Gina that I didn't want to talk to him right now.  I'm kinda pissed at him for all the shit he pulled on Gina, but really because I just wanted to talk to her.  Anywho, he hears that I don't want to talk to him right now, and gets all kinds of offended.  He starts saying that I'm too good to talk to him, that I think that he's a piece of shit...and so on.  Well now I have deal with the feelings of a drunk cheater (OH GOODY)  So I calm him down and say good night to the both of them.

I get home, and all the lights are out in the house.  Usually this would be no big deal, but by this time my leg is aching.  I stumble through the dark only to hit my left knee cap on the coffee table (tomorrow that table is dead! =] )  So thats where I'm at right now...sore, tired, and pissed.  What a great way to start the weekend!