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hidden words of love




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hidden words of love
So my sister is coming tp visit at the end of the month...she hasn't been down to visit in about 2 years so it should be a great visit.  I know that I'm a dork for this, but I love it when people come over...it gives me an excue to cook large fancy meals. On that note though...I was going over the bills that we are going to have to pay while she's here...and I started to freak out.

It was going to be extremely hard to have enough money for the ectra gas in the car...the extra food...and for whatever else we were going to need.  I called her and I guess she could here the freaking out in my voice and asked what was wrong (Now I just want to add that I hate asking for money, help....I just think that I should be able to handle it) Well I told her about the bills and the lack of money and she started to laugh!!  LAUGH!  She said that she had expected to help out...and she had been saving her money for that reason.  So now I feel tons better and don't have to stress so much.

In other news from here, I took Caleb to the pool yesterday.  It was so damn hot and my air conditioner wasn't putting out that cold of air...and now he has the cutest tan line across his booty!  I woud take a picture for all of LJ to see but I refrain from it  :-) I on the other hand got a nice sun burn on my shoulders but its turned to a nice tan today.  Well I gotta go...I have to go shopping for dinner.  We're having Chicken Cordon Blue...I've never had it but Steven loves it.

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ooh how cool that your sister is going to come visit you!! :)

You've NEVER had chicken cordon bleu??? EVER!?! lol- are you going to make it from scratch or buy it from some place? mmm...that sounds so good!

Yeah I'm excited about her visiting...it will be so nice to have another woman around the house for awhile :P

Nope...never ever. Does that make me a freak? I hope not LOL

I've been tryin this new thing...where everything we eat in the house is from scratch. I don't even buy processed food anymore. Its a pain in the butt especially when I'm feeling lazy but its worth it. If the food turns out good...expect a post later of food porn HEEHEE

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