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hidden words of love




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My love
so....I have to do dishes today.  I need room in my mini kitchen to make dinner tonight.  I KNOW that I need to clean it....I know that I AM THE ONE to do it, but I"m still sitting in front of my puter in hopes that the dish fairy will swoop in and do them for me.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning...I even washed the walls.  *don't tell anyone but I actually had a good time cleaning*  I finally got to sit down about 10 minutes before Steven came home...and I was back up and in the kitchen making dinner.  (what a nice break) HAHAHA

So we sit down and eat dinner, put Caleb to bed and....nothing.  Steven doesn't say anything about the nice clean house, that all the laundry and ironing are done, or about dinner or that I made him cheesecake from scratch.  It wasn't that a big of a deal but him acknowledging what I had done would have been nice, so I asked him if the house looked clean enough to have company.  HE takes a look around and said 'I'm so sorry...I noticed that you cleaned but I forgot to say anything'....its a good thing that he has memorey loss or that line wouldn't work :P  After he apologized, He said that he would do the dishes for me, so that I could go to bed early.  AWWW HOW SWEET!  

Well I got up this morning...and the kitchen is still a mess and the trash is overflowing.  I looked at him and he turned bright red.  He said that he got into playing his game and he forgot.  Damn that game :P  I love that man, but sometimes...GRRRR!

Oh I almost forgot....I guess when Steven went to lunch, he scraped the side of the car against one of those yellow  posts that they have at the McD drive thru.  I haven't looked at it yet.  I'm afraid that I'll cry.  This car is my baby.

Edit:  Steven just called and said that he used some stuff from work and the yellow crap is gone. WOOHOO

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I hate when guys don't pitch in! ug.

He has to know that you do just as much work at home as he does at work! It's just a different kind of work

oh he knows...he just forgets. He was in a car wreck last year and the pain meds effects him memory....sometimes thats his only saving grace HAHA

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