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hidden words of love




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a girlie moment

So....I started to cry a little and then I thought...hey! I better put this on LJ.

Steven and Caleb just left for the base and all I could think was the last time they left the house together to go to the base...they were in a car wreck.  I know that it might seem silly...but it was kind of surreal.  I held Caleb for an extra long hug and kiss.  Its almost like my heart knew I was worried before my head did.  Its been almost a year since they were in the wreck but I still have really hard days were I feel like its going to happen again.  We're just now getting to the point that we feel like things could get back to normal.  DAMN THESE  FEMALE EMOTIONS!  

Steven and Caleb just left the house 5 minutes ago and I'm freaking out that it could happen again.  PLEASE LORD...let them come home safely.  I don't think that my heart could take another crash.

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It's okay hon. The first time is always enough to make you weepy, don't worry though, everything will be fine I'm sure:) For it to be really creepy, we'd have to be at the hospital!

thanks...it just git me really hard that this is the first time they have gone any where together in the car without me since the accident. I think I need some sleep.

If we were at the hospital again...I think I would hide the car keys from Steven :P

i am sorry you feel weepy, i am sure they will come home just fine. your emotions are normal. time will hopefully heal things.

aww...things will be okay-- I'd tell you not to worry, but being a mother myself, I know that's a ridiculous thing to say :P

Did caleb get hurt in the last accident?

the skin on his collar bone broke open from the car seat strap and he had panic attacks for awhile after but he was and is fine. We were so lucky that things weren't that bad. Caleb could have been hurt SO much worse. Whats scary is that the week before we had considered moving his carseat to behind the driver's seat but decided against it so safety reasons....IT WAS COMPLETE DIVINE INTERVENTION.

The middle back seat is the ONLY safe place.

I pray basically every night for god to keep all of my family safe.
It may seem silly, but so far he has :)

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