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potty training
Caleb Black and White
I'm currently having a drama filled, self doubting moment.  I feel like a crap-tastic mom who is failing her child.  

Reason #1: POtty Training - He just turned 3 and goes in the potty very rarely (maybe when he first gets up and we are all in the bathroom getting ready to leave the house)  For the most part, he is completely comfortable with a diaper.  I've been using the training pants with the cool lining....they worked for like a minute and then he didn't care if they were cool/dry...he just didn't care.  When he was first born, I read a lot on the whole potty training issue, and most books said the same thing "don't rush him...let him go at his own pace...he will let you know when its time to train" and now I'm wondering if that was a mistake.  I mean, I would still go with the "his own pace" thing but he's three and preschool on base starts soon.  One of the requirements is that he is completely potty trained.  Now because of my failure to train him when he was younger...he can't start school.

Reason #2: Its no secret that I eat alot...and have a weight issue....and I think that its oozing into Caleb's personal habits.  Steven and I have both been working really hard to get both his and my eating habits under control but somehow, I feel like it isn't enough.

I'm just having a really shitty day and I feel even worse when I feel like I'm screwing up Caleb.  Maybe its a good thing that I only have one child.

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aww...nah, don't feel bad.

Everyone goes through this. I haven't had to start potty training yet, but I have to do it 2 at a time (with the twins) and I'm sure I'll be feeling the EXACT same way as you.


Don't be so hard on yourself, first of all.

Secondly I have two kids. My son potty trained right at 3 and pretty easily. With my daughter it was quite the struggle. She potty trained reluctantly a week before she turned 4. I blamed myself for her lateness with it and felt all bad about it. But I realize now that there probably wasn't anything I could do to speed it up. She just wasn't ready and didn't want to do it.

What about the reward system? positive reinforcement

One m&m for a pee, 2 for a poo

OR do a sticker system and when he gets X amount of sticker he gets a non-food reward (extra playtime, a trip to the zoo, whatever)

It's totally not your fault that he isn't potty trained and you couldn't have trained him any earlier. My son is only 9 months, but I've learned that you can't make kids so something so something they don't want to. Starting preschool late isn't going to kill him, if you're worried about him being behind then teach him the basics now, he's probably old enough for that.

Don't sweat it with the potty training. Sarah has been 3 since June and won't even attempt to use the toilet and I don't feel like a failure about it. Diapers are much more convenient for her and make it very easy for her to stay comfortable.
Next month we're really going to hit the potty training hard. I need the time to work myself up to it. Besides, at the end of this month she's finally going to get a big girl bed and I know that's going to be a big enough change for this month. So see...my 3 year old is still in a crib and I really don't feel bad about that. ::shrugs::

Oh, I should also add that Sarah is still convinced that milk can only be served from a bottle...not a cup. So, in order to make sure she gets plenty we still let her have a bottle. I've been reassured by many friends that she won't be taking a bottle with her to kindergarten. ::smile:: I don't know...she just might prove everyone wrong on that one. Again...try not to sweat the small stuff. There are many much more serious worries that we stay at home moms face daily. Bottles...potty training...big girl/boy beds...piece of cake. ;)

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