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hidden words of love




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(no subject)
hidden words of love
time started: 1425
full name: Catherine Elizabeth
nickname(s): Cat, KatyJo
birthday: May 24th
where were you born: Montana
zodiac sign:Gemini
height: 5'6"
hair color: Dark brown/black/red
eye color: brown
ring size:not sure
skin type (freckles, tan, albino, etc.): tan
blood type: O +
grade: n/a
GPA: n/a
siblings: 1 half sister and 1 half brother
tattoos:a broken cobble stone with my zodiac sign in the middle
piercings: I have 8 piercings total (6 in my ears, 1 in nose, and 1 in my tongue)
hobbies: The internet, cooking, dancing, beading


color: green and black
food: crab
candy:anything milk chocolate 
type of cheese: fontina or feta
pizza topping: pepperoni
salad dressing: Italian Cesear
sandwich: roast beef and swiss
cereal: Anything kashi
fruit: cherries
vegetable: brussel sprouts
berry: blueberry and huckleberry
cake: german chocolate
book: do coloring books count? :P
movie: I'm really diggin the HP movies right now
magazine: Cooking Light..hands down my favorite of all time
newspaper: The Missoulian - online
tv show: Grey's Anatomy
radio station: mix 94.1
font: catholic school girls (yes it IS a font!)
cartoon character: Blu from Foster's home for imaginary friends (Blu is da MAN!)
artist (painter): Michelangelo
actor: Viggo Mortensen
actress: Angelina Jolie
cd: HAHA I don't have cds anymore
song: Angel
music group: daddy yankee
music type: All different kinds
day of the week: Saturday
month: November
season: Fall
holiday: Memorial Day
shampoo: Herbal Essance
conditioner: Herbal Essance
number: 13
phrase: Son of a bucket
store: Torrid
weather: rainy with tons of thunder and lightening
restaurant: Applebee's
channel: 42 - the food network...iron chef rocks
teacher: Mrs Waldbillig
weekend activity: movies
hangout: Chris' house
house color: light soft blue/grey
sport to watch: basketball
sport to play: basketball
animal: ferret
flower: orchids
guy's name: I love the name Patrick
girl's name: right now...I'm likeing Greyson
board game: trivial pursuit
party game: The dice game...god I loved that game when I was single
story from childhood: the story of the fugowwe tribe (long long sotry)
body part: on me?  My eyes  On others....the booty


been on a train: no
been on a plane: Yes
been in a car accident: yes
caused a car accident: yes
run into a wall: Yes
burned a potato chip: No
almost burned the house down: nope
smoked: no
been drunk: yes
broken the law: Yes
burned a cd (if yes, the one above is yes): Yes
kissed someone of the opposite sex: Yes
kissed someone of the same sex: Yes... but not sexually
frenched an animal: thas nasty, NO
made out: Yes
had cyber sex: I plead the fifth :P
gotten engaged: yes
had an online relationship: Yes - friendship
been rejected by a crush: Yes
loved: yes
made yourself cry to get out of trouble: Yeah
cried in public: Yes
cried over a movie: Yes
fallen asleep in a movie theater:no
given someone a bath: Yes
been to a boarding school: No
been home-schooled: no
lost a valuable item: Yes
bungee jumped: No
skied: yes
met the president: No
met a celebrity: Yes
gotten a cavity: Yes
shopped at abercrombie & fitch:god no
made a prank call: yes
skipped school: no
faked sick to get out of school: Yes
purchased something that you knew didn't fit: yah
climbed a tree: yes
fallen from a tree: no
broken a bone: yes
sprained anything: Yes
passed out: yes
made yourself pass out: No
been to disney world: no
been to a theme park (not disney): Yes
said i love you and meant it (not to a relative): yes
made a model volcano (working model): No
made a clover leaf with your tounge: huh?


what did you do yesterday: slept in, movie, cooked, bed real late
memory you miss the most: not having any responsibities
memory you want to forget: getting attacked by 5 dogs
something you regretted after it was done: leaving town without telling a guy how I felt


song you heard: Rompe
cd you bought: christina - stripped
thing you said: did you have a good nap
time you cried: August 27th
movie seen in a theater: world trade center
thing you ate:yogurt
person who called: Chris
nail polish shade worn: burnt rose - a dark red/brown
time you showered: kast night
person who complimented you: Ummmm....Steven


what are you listening to: Caleb yelling at his toys
what are you wearing:Air force shirt and black shorts
what are you thinking: I can't wait until payday
what are you scared of most: not being a good mother
how many people are on your buddy list: 72


occupation:ceo of domestic affairs
marriage site: It was in Las Vegas
honeymoon: taht requires money!
place to live: hopefully Japan
kids:one more at least...a girl hopefully!
car: a toyota tundra
what are you doing tomorrow: cleaning and cooking
do you think george bush will be reelected: he can't
will there be a wwIII: I hope not...
will politics ever be truthful: No
will humanity snuff itself out: uhh no
can the gov. be changed: nope


best friend: Gina
funniest: Chris
loudest: Chris
best secret keeper: Gina
worst secret keeper:dunno
the one you have but don't want: Rebecca
smartest: uhh all of them
peppiest: hahahhahaha
most hyper: once again cant beat me...
hottest: LOL
biggest pervert: haha
most annyoing: rebecca
shyest: Jennifer
most religious: Jennifer


heaven: Yes
hell: Yes
angels: Yes
devil: Yes
god: Yes
buddha: he existed i assume
aliens: Mexicans?
ghosts: yes
spirit (soul): Yeah
soulmates: Yeah
reincarnation: yes
love at first sight: Sure
karma: yes
love in general: yes
luck: yes
yourself: sometimes


who and when was your first crush: Brad Tedford in 3rd grade
any now:Vin Diesel
a celebrity crush: see above
who do you want to be with right now: myself
whos number do you want: a long lost friends
who do you want to kiss: shhhhh
what is something you dont understand about the opposite sex: how they can't remember important dates (my birthday...)
if you could go on a date with anybody, who would it be: I can't say...i'm married
on scale of one to ten, how romantic are you: 7?
first thing noticed about the opposite sex: Eyes & Smile and hair
what do you look for personality-wise: Funny... but can be serious, smart, sweet and patient
biggest turn on: confidence, his 'v' mmmmmm
biggest turn off: laziness
something thay wear that turns you on: silvertab jeans baby!!!
something they wear that turns you off: overalls
the most romantic thing you want to happen to you: a surprise date
the most romantic thing that has happened to you: being proposed to in Califorina
what do you wear on a coffee date: jeans and t-shirt
is it right to flirt if you're taken: Ehh harmless flirting without intetions is fine
is cyber cheating:yes
are eyes the passegeway to the soul: yes
who would you like to take to the prom: LOL its over baby, but I'm pretty happy with who I went with
do you want to hug somebody right now: Yeah
do you know what an aphrodisiac is: YES! HEHEHHE


mellow: just sitting still chillin
melancholy:not sad but listless almost
the perfect date: One that ends in a kiss
the perfect mate: Who is not afraid to show you off but not too much tho
how m&m's are made: I think that The keebler elves help LOL
why manhole covers are round: there are no corners

coke/pepsi: coke
sprite/7-up: Sprite
boxers/briefs: Boxers or none at all
gold/silver: silver
vanilla/chocolate: chocolate
flowers/candy: Flowers
book/magazine: Magazine
tv/radio: Radio
glass half empty/half full: Half full
democrat/republican: Eh
colored pencils/markers: markers -they smell better
coffee/tea: COFFEEEEEEE
sun/moon: Moon
day/night: Night
hot/cold: cold
dog/cat: Dog
button/zipper: button
cotton/feather pillow: Feather
blue/purple: blue
plumber/trashman: neither
jeans/shorts: shorts
long distance relationship/none: depends
mechanical/regular pencil:mechanical
matt/ben: erk Matt?
that 70's show/simpsons: That 70's Show
kelso/eric: Kelso
donna/jackie: donna
bart/lisa: bart
romeo/juliet: romeo
romantic comedy/thriller: thriller
nsync/bsb: neither
peanut butter/jelly: Peanut Butter
waffles/pancakes: waffles
letter/email: Letter
florida/california: Flordia
pizza/burgers: Pizza
hat/visor: Hat
football/rugby: Football
iceskating/blading: ice skating
movie at home/in theater: Theater

yellow: mellow
red lipstick: pale skin
socks: Shoes
cowtipping: drummond
moulin rouge: the song
greenland:future vaction destination
iceland: vikings
harry potter: Hermoine
red: elmo
blackberry: I need to buy some
rose: purple ones mean fantasy
rooster: cock
taxes: love tax returns
bill clinton: cigars
whipped cream: ice cream
george w. bush: someone who does what they believe in no matter the reaction
lollipops: how may licks?
dreams: secret fantasy
love: true love is rare
guys: sex
south park: OMG you killed kenny
boy bands: gay
pengiuns: awwwwwwwww!
girls: catty!
thong: booty bounce
death: Sad
spoons: cuddling
junk mail: fucking annoying!!
dairy: Queen
panties: could live without them
your father: stubborn!
pizza: dominos buffalo wings
britney spears: country 
vitamin: C


happy: Yes
sad: No
religious: I am
bitchy: Can be
crazy: Yes
messy: Not usually
mad: No
slacker: No
nerd: No
bookworm: No
jock: No
preppy: No
selfish: No
giving: Yes
obsessive: can be
violent: No
calm: Yeah
peaceful: Yeah
mellow: Kinda
eccentric: YES
caring: Yes
untrustworthy: No
loyal: Yes
patriotic: Yes
perverted: Can Be
colorful: Can Be
artistic: Yes


what color is your jacket: I live in Vegas...I don't have one
do you shave: yep
where: LOL really wanna know?
what color is your razor: teal
what size is your bed: king
what color crayon would you be: black
what are the last four digits of you phone number: 0609
feelings on abortion: its personal
how long does it take you to shower: 15 minutes
what does your screenname mean: I have way to many to explain
thoughts on blonde pop stars in general: heh
who do you trust the most: Steven
is cussing a necessity in life: No
how about coffee: yes
is the world screwed: screwed up maybe
what something you cant live without: water
what time did you fall asleep: last night?....130 am
know what 69 means: Yes
how about 143: ...
can you live without a microwave: yes
what do think about death: its known
why is the sky blue: go ask my 8th grade science teacher
what is a good trait about yourself: I'm giving
what do you always think about: losing weight
what is wrong with your school: I don't have one
how do you react to change: ok if I know its coming
do you talk to yourself: yep
what is your opinion on love: gotta have it
can you afford to lose weight: yep
what color would you dye your hair: black on top/red-purple on bottom
best thing anyones told you:I'm proud of you
what is your reaction to someone telling you you're hot:never happened
does being psycho appeal to you: No
if you wrote a book, what would it be about: losing weight
what would you change your name to: Skylar
longest crush lasted how long: 10 years
time finished: 1531