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hidden words of love




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hidden words of love
wow just wow.  Steven came home yesterday and wanted to know what I thought about him just getting a MRB (medical review board) and discharging from the military.  I known that this day would come, but I didn't think that it be so soon.  I love Steven and if getting out is the only way that he can be happy, then I support him.  But there is still apart of me that feels that he is just giving up.

I KNOW that its been two years of crap...I mean all the pain, the doctors, drugs...its understandable that it would wear him down (Hell its worn me down too)  I'm hoping that its just a phase and he will come out of it and handle it for awhile longer.  Is that selfish?  I don't want to be, but I can't help how I feel.

In other news,  the guys at the shop are still harassing Steven on a daily basis.  He can and does handle alot of the crap he gets, but after 2 years...its eating at him.  Especially when its a constant thing...and from supervision too.  Yesterday, after alot of crap he went to talk to someone in supervision (not to tattle, but just to speak his mind and lets them know that it really is getting to him)  

*I should say here that Steven admits that he should have gone to his immediate supervisor first but he's part of the problem and in the past the immediate supervisor he HAS talked to hasn't done crap the help*

Anywho, the supervisor that he did talk to went and talked to the immediate supervisor ... he got pissed and yelled at Steven.  Pussy...take it like a man and fix the problem....grrrrrrrr!!!!  So anyways, it came down to he thinks that Steven is worthless and faking his injuries.  Last night, after working a 12 hour shift the immediate supervisor thanked all the guys for staying late, but passed over Steven like he hadn't done shit.  COME ON!  i THOUGHT THIS WAS THE UNITED STATES MILITARY??  THIS IS NOT JUNIOR HIGH!

Right now I'm so frustrated, and tired and scared about the future.  I started looking for a part-time job today.  If Steven is getting out...I need to save all the money that I can for the bills we won't be able to pay.....when the time comes.  And thats another thing....I went into motherhood knowing that one day I would get a job, but not while Caleb was still at home.  I literally start crying at the thought of not being there for him every moment while he's still little.  I'm the parent that has ALWAYS been there for him and it breaks my heart that I might not be able to be that person anymore.

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wow. that's a lot to think about. it's bullshit the way Stephen is being treated at work and I wish there was something that could be done. Big Hugs hon.

thanks....I just don't know that the future holds and that is so damn scary!

but I have to laugh at the way you spelled SteVen...heehee...you sould know better chris LOL

HAHA, fast typing and wasn't even thinking! I think Stephen is more exotic anyway. LOL!

ugh...I"m sorry :/


I've never known exactly what steven does there... :|

They say that pain can be the most stressful and tiring thing in the world...Is he qualified to do what he does IN the military OUTSIDE of the military? Maybe he can make more money doing that in the private sector??

Thanks sweetie....Steven works with bombs and missiles...not exactly something a civilian gets to do. How are the babies...and your new home??

well...is he a mechanic...sort of? lol Maybe he could get a job doing that? lol I don't know... :P

The house is nice...I mean, really-- he got us a really nice place to live, and the babies are good-- full of mud from the playground and sleeping peacefully now. I'm thinking about doing flight school, privatley since the FAA would not aprove me and my bad credit ...oh joyous youth!

If he gets a medical discharge will he have any benefits? If he has medical problems then he needs medical benefits. Can he try to be transferred to another unit ike Strike, Raptor, etc.. maybe he can cross train to another career field.

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