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hidden words of love




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(no subject)
hidden words of love
wow I haven't posted in a really REALLY long time!! I've been here...reading all the posts but haven't wanted to put anything up (mostly because if I did, it would mean that its all happening)

Steven goes to TX next week to go before the medical review board. He's not tryin to argue that he should stay in, to tell you the truth, we both have accepted that he is getting out. What we want changed is his retirement rate. Hopefully it will go up some and we can get alittle bit more money each month. After he gets back, depending on what the commander can do, we will have 60-40 days to move/get new jobs/get different lives. I wanted to move to Colorado so badly!! The school I want to go to is there and its just so beautiful there, but what I want and what I can do are very different. Apparently, no one in the Denver area is hiring atm especially me. So we are probably moving back to Montana and I'll be going back to work at Walmart *yuck* I mean its a good job and I'm glad that they are taking me back but damn it!! I wanted more for my life. I wanted something that let me be creative and make things. I wanted to something that let me use my imagination. I wanted more!!

But sometimes you have to grow up and forget your dreams. Sometimes you have to sacrafice what you want and just do what needs to be done. Thats where I'm at...doing what needs to be done.

I wish I could find away to do the creative thing from home cuz lord knows that at this point, thats the only way.

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..several things...

WHERE in Montana? I'm in Williston, ND-- and about 300 miles from Billings-- I'll come drive and help you move your stuff in :) hehe

Don't be depressed, even though it doesn't seem like everything is falling into the places it should-- things will. I totally get doing what needs to be done, but be careful how long you do it. You can only do it so long before you realize what NEEDS to be done is to follow your dreams-- I'm finally doing it, but it took a long miserable road to get here.

Re: ..several things...

Missoula MT....its in western MT.

I;m hoping that the settlement goes through in the next year or so...if thats the case, I'll be college bound! If that doesn't happen I plan on tryin to get into the managers program with walmart. Its not what i want to do but the money is good and they have programs for mrgs to go to school. Lemonade...tryin to make lemonade :D

I got my photoshop up and running again (FINALLY) Do you still need that file? I would understand if you decided to go a different direction ... I'll work on it now and mail it to you anyways :)

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