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hidden words of love




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reading my home newspaper
hidden words of love
So I'm almost 1000 miles aways from my home where I grew up. I lived in a very close nit town. Hell the whole state is close nit. If something happens 4 towns over, it usually affects everytown. That being said, I make it a habit to read the local newspaper online every week. Its the easiest way to ctay connected to home (beings that I porbably won't live there again for atleast another 14 years or so) Anywho, for the last 4 weeks...everytime I check the obituraries (SP?) to make sure no one I know has passes away...sure as hell someone did. The firt was the hardest, he was a cousin...he grew up with my dad and would make it a purpose of dancing the first dance of the RODEO celebration with me. He was a regualer at one the the local bars and smoked like a chiminey. He died from lung caner, when they found it...it was too far gone to treat it. I knew that he was sick, but I didn't know that he was so close to the grave. It saddenes me that I didn't get to say goodbye. All of his friends and family gathered at the local bar to hold a memorial service. My dad went, and said that it was nice. And very fitting (they all had a shot for him..he would have gotten a kick out of that).

I also found out that a few of my neighbors, that i grew up around passed away. They were the sweetest ladies that I will have ever known. I didn't have grandparents to speak of growing up, but they took upon themselves to be my grandmas when I got a great report card. Or when I had a big event at school. They were sitting in the front row with my parents supporting me all the way.

And now...A guy that I went to school with, his crother dies of brain cancer. I wasn't close to him at all, but like I said, its a close nit town. And the said part, he refused treatment becasue he didn't want to rack up bills for his parents when he knew that he couldn't be healed. GOD....that is so sweet and sad at the same time. He left behind a little girl...I just hope that all his friends stick around to let her know how much her daddy loved her.

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Wow that is so rough! Do you ever get to go home to visit? I know how hard it is! I am staying at home for the Thanksgiving Holidays and it has been great! Military wives have it hard! My condolences to you and your family.

Sorry sweety. It's always hard hearing about people from back home <3

Hey lady! I've been away from LJ for ages, just now noticed that you added my old account. A lot has changed so I started a new one. It is crazy about everything back home.
Unfortunatly I know a couple extra things about Jory and his death that are not great so I'm having a little trouble with that. :-( Sad sad stuff.
I hope all is well with you and the boys. *hugs* Take care hon.

hey....do you know about jory and refusing treatment? Gina told me all that and I was just wondering if it was true.

I'm glad to see you back, are you living in Helena now? Steven and I are coming home for Thanksgiving...my parents aren't living in Drummond anymore, but if its possible, maybe you me and Gina can get together for lunch or sumthin....just let me know. I'll catch ya later

Yeah, I know he was refusing treatment, plus he was still drinking like a mad man and doing any drug he could get his hands on.... sad stuff.

Yeah, I've been back in Helena about eight months now. My job is kicking ass but I'm putting in tons of overtime. Between that and spending time with Tony I'm a busy girl.

Yeah, we should see about getting together. I've not seen either of you in ages! Hope all is well. Take care hon.

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