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I realized something today as I was looking for a book to read....I had WAAAAAAAAY to many books.  Steven has always teased me about my obsession with buying books but just shrugged it off since he CLEARLY doesn't understand, but I think that I see his point.  You ready for the stats?  Here goes nothin....  18 books just for entertainment (Harry Potter, Twilight, The host, Sold...ect), 63 photography books (some are instructional, some are just pretty :D ), 19 adobe books (most of these I recieved while I was going to school for graphic design), 14 used sketch books, 19 books on baseball (these are steven's but I have read most of them so I'll count them) and 87 cookbooks....YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!!  87!!! 

I have looked thru or read passionately every single book that I own but still...for the math haters out there thats 220 books.  I feel like I should go to meetings and get some help for my addiction and I still haven't decided on what book to read tonight :S
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