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hidden words of love




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hidden words of love

I'm so freakin excited.  I get to go home in 10 days. YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!  I miss home so bad.  My BF called last night and said that they got a foot of snow in the valley.  I'm totally stoked to play in the snow with Caleb (I'm pretty sure Steven will sit it out beings that he freezes here in Vegas when the AC is set to 75, but I'm totally at home in the cold.)  My Mom is cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, which is great.  Last year Steven's dad cooked, and while it was a good dinner, he made alot of down southern cooking (lots of fried stuff and creamed things) and I'm not used to that at all. Also Steven's dad was up for almost 48 hours cooking, and thats too long to cook one meal.  And the best part...I get to help with the meal.  And I'm not talking "oh can you stir this for me sweetie"  No I'm talking about real helping.  In fact for the first time in my parents house...I, Catherine Elizabeth, will be making the stuffing on my own.  Now I know what your sayin, 'whats this?' 'Whats the big deal?'  Well I'll tell you what the big deal is my firends....My parents take Thanksgiving meals very serious and usually keep me out, even now, when I'm an adult and cook on a nightly basis for my own family.  They have tradions and history behind the meal that they wanted to keep, but not after this year.  I have exploded onto the Thanksgiving Dinner making scene and I"M here to stay *pauses dramatically...then giggles in excitement*  That feels good to get out of my system.

Now, back to the excitement of going home.  Montana is the most beautiful place that god could have ever dreamed.  Well...let me clarify...WESTERN MT is god's dream place...eastern...not so much :P  I've already talked to a bunch of my friends and am planning on making a few trips around the area to bugg them all.  I love my friends so much and its a true crime against man that I don't get to talk to them much anymore.  I just found out that one of my good friends and her hubby are expecting their first baby together and she's due in April.  AWWWW she will make such a good mommy.  I hope that i get a chance to go baby clothes shopping with her. 

I also (hopefully) will get to go over the Helena to see my cuz...I haven't seen her or the rest of her family for 4 years now.  GOD ITS BEEN THAT LONG, WOW!  And GINA...oh gina gina gina, my best friend, my sister, my partner in crime...and my son's god mother.  I see many a long chat to catch up on all that is our lives.

Hopefully, I will get some great pics of the merry christmas girls (you would have to know the story...*teaser* it involves a station wagon, some fake names and random bordom.  Well I now have to go, but damn I'm excited about going home.  Can you tell? _Cat

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YAY For HOME!!!!!!! I love being Home! I don't want to go back to FL! Though we are going to VA next...

Yah and what are the MCG?? LOL TELL!

I hope you have a wonderful time!!! Tell Mom I said hi and all that good stuff:)

*bounces* I hope I get to see you!!! We MUST get an updated MCG's picture, I found my membership card the other day. :-) I hope all is well hon. Be good. ;-)

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